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The Lourdes Across Group will meet in the Hall after Mass this coming Sunday.

If you can’t attend, please call Frankie McAllister on 07979013419. 

Most of the work for the first 2 phases of the church refurbishment is now complete. We thank God for the successful completion and for your many expressions of great satisfaction. This week the children will use the oratory area for their Liturgy of the Word and we’ll see whether we disturb them or they disturb us! 


1st David & Anne Ward;

2nd Neil MacDonald;

3rd Margaret Haddow.

The cheques can be picked up from the sacristy.

Warm Congratulations to ..


 Mrs Brenda O’Hara, one of our parishioners, who has been appointed Depute Head Teacher in St Athanasius’ Primary School. Every good wish to her for the future as she builds on the sterling work she has already done both in the school and the nursery. Well done, Brenda!

Congratulations, too, to the schoolchildren and staff for raising £2000 for Missio Scotland and £2500 for SCIAF last year, as well as their donations to the Wayside Club and Clydesdale Foodbank.


Our weekly parish Bulletin

In this weeks Bulletin…

  • “Come and See”
  • Congratulations to Mrs Brenda O’Hara
  • The Parish Pastoral Council meet this Thursday at 7.30
  • The Lourdes Across Group meeting next Sunday after Mass

and much more…….
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