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Bishop Toal and 70 others will represent our diocese at this important event which will host a visit from Pope Francis. The meeting will explore the theme “The Gospel of the Family: Joy for the world” and what it means for families and the Church today. We are asked to join in a Novena of prayer during the event, beginning on Saturday 18th August and concluding Sunday 26th August. We will pray the Novena at the end of each Mass. Please take a copy and pray together with your family at home. Prayer cards are also available. Bishop Toal invites couples who are celebrating a significant anniversary to join him in a Mass of Thanksgiving in Motherwell Cathedral on Wednesday 19th September at 7pm. Please put your names on the sheet on the notice board if you would like to go. 

By clicking on to the above message you will get access to the Novena prayer for the Family

Our Parish Day at Carfin

Our Parish Day in
Carfin is Thursday 30th August with Mass in the glass Chapel at 1pm and Evening Prayer at 7pm. 

1. Christine O’Sullivan

2. Jim McIntyre    and  

3. Liz Frame               . 

This Wednesday is the Solemnity of the Assumption of our Blessed Lady and is a Holiday of Obligation. The vigil Mass will be on Tuesday at 7.30pm; Mass of the day Wednesday 10am. 

The collection will be for the Apostleship of the Sea which cares for to the physical and spiritual needs of seafarers in our ports.