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Advent Tree Pledges

Here are some of the pledges you made on the Advent tree in preparation for Christmas, a sign of the lively faith in our parish…

morning Mass in Advent; be open about my faith; small sacrifices; behave at home; morning and evening prayers; invite a non-church goer to the Carol service; give to the needy; donate to the food bank and clothes to wayfarers; respect other faiths; listen to the teacher; attend Mass on my day off; always say thank you; ten minutes contemplation each day; be patient and eat veg; be more helpful to other people; attend morning Mass more frequently; pray at mealtimes; share my faith with others; thank God when things go well; be kind, well-behaved and obedient; be tolerant towards others; go to the faith-sharing group; go to Advent services; ask for God’s guidance; wear a crucifix; daily meditation; be a better person through more time in prayer; remembering in prayer the lonely, the depressed and elderly; be encouraging and positive; no gossip and back-biting; be honest and fair in my dealings at work. Thank you for all these wonderful examples of Christian living.