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At the Parish Pastoral Council Meeting…

… on Thursday we discussed with members of the Social Commit-tee how to promote our social life together as a parish. We decided that all events in the next year will be focused on raising funds for the church refurbishment. Hopefully this will give us renewed impetus to come together for a common purpose. Some proposed events discussed were:

  • Tea after Sunday Mass in the Oratory;
  • a Parish Garden Party in September;
  • Tea Dances and High Teas in the Hall;
  • a special Race Night;
  • a Parish Dinner Dance.

                                                                We’ll advertise these events as they come up and hope that you will participate.                                                                         Also discussed at the meeting was a Parish Pilgrimage to Rome in May 2019 and a                                                                     Parish Outing this summer. More details to follow.