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Big Refurb Part 2

The work continues as planned though some structural issues have emerged. The wall dividing the church and the house was in danger of collapse—this has been strengthened with the insertion of five concrete lintels. Also the floor joists and dwarf walls under the floor of the porch had deteriorated and were beyond repair. To remedy this, a new concrete platform for the floor will be installed. As we continue the refurbishment, we will have to be ready for other structural problems to emerge. Attending to them now will give the church at least another 100 years of life. Extra costs will be entailed but bit by bit and together we will be able to meet them. Samples of what is being looked at for the new lighting, floor covering and wood for he doors etc are on display and your comments and suggestions are welcome. Also displayed will be photos of the work being done. A video of the refurbishment is available on our parish website (starring Fr Magill, photography and editing by Richard Swan, directed by Liam Gault!) We are still on course for the work to be finished by Christmas. Lighting has now been installed around the sides of the church for your safety on entering and leaving. Continued thanks to Liam Gault for the many hours he has put in project managing the refurbishment.