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Eurocamp held at the Conforti Institute, Coatbridge.

We just wanted to share some of the photographs from our time spent at Euro Camp. Had a fantastic week, which was in Scotland for the first time. We spent timesharing and having lots of laughs.  The Bishop concluded his homily by saying: ‘It is wonderful that you, the participants at Eurocamp 2017, have gathered here in Scotland to reflect on the gift of the Holy Eucharist in the life and worship of the Church. I am sure such a time of prayer and reflection with and before the Lord in the Holy Eucharist will bring great blessings to yourselves and to all whom you bring to the Lord. May the fruits of this blessed time remain with you always and may we all, and especially the Church here in Scotland, benefit from your prayers and from your love for and devotion towards the Holy Eucharist.’

By all accounts it was wonderful experience, and all are looking forward to the next retreat will take place in Belgium next year (details to follow). For more information please refer to Ruth Ann MacDonald.

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