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From Porto to Santiago de Compostela – update from our Los Cuatro Hermanos

Dear All                                                              
Tonight, we rolled (not literally!) in to Portela de Tamel after completing our first 25kms walk in a day. During the day, we recorded officially that we had completed the first 50kms of the walk, as the attached photo confirms.  Over the first two days after leaving Porto Cathedral as we built up stamina and leg strength, we completed 19kms each day to stop over first at Mosteiro and then at San Pedro de Rates last night.

I’m pleased to report an absence of blisters and other ailments at this point in time – long may this continue.  Los Cuatro Hermanos are humbled that folks maintain such interest in our progress. It may not lighten our load but helps to keep us focussed on the end result – completion of our pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela

Please note :  Eddie is looking for sponsorship, you can do this online at www.justgiving.com/fundraising/eddie-kelly4 or by phone texting NDPS84 £5 (or whatever you would like to donate) to the number 70070. This weekend, you can also donate after the Masses.