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From Porto to Santiago de Compostela Day 5 update.

Dear All, That’s us completed the first five days of walking.  We have now put 102kms behind us with ‘only’ another 148kms to go! Yesterday, after leaving Portela de Tamel, we walked 22kms to arrive at Ponta de Lima last night. This is one of the oldest towns in Portugal, with its history going back to roman times. The Romans built the bridge across the river to ease the link between Santiago de Compostela in Spain and Braga in northwest Portugal, both important towns for the Romans.

Today we had a shorter walk of 17kms to arrive at Sao Roque, close to Rubiaes. Although shorter, it was a very tough walk over difficult terrain with lots of climbing. Peak height was 400m but with  all the undulating ground covered, total ascent was 700m. Very glad to be in tonight’s accommodation but also very tired.  Tomorrow we complete our Portugal part of the Camino, crossing in to Spain at Tui where we plan to stay tomorrow evening. I will take a look at the pictures I have taken to see if there are any I can send. The brothers have also taken some but may need to wait till I get back to get them.

Roman bridge still in use over Rio Lima at Ponte de Lima.  The hills in the distance are where we climbed over 400m. 

This photograph offers examples of the way markers. The hand painted yellow crosses are a much appreciated constant companion. They appear at most corners or where we have to change direction. Well done to the painting pioneers for their excellent work!  More and more ‘official’ signs are appearing, with yellow markers on blue background. The cross is to indicate you are going the wrong way.

Thanks for your continuing support.                                                                       Eddie (and John, Peter and Paul)