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Inside our parish groups: SSVP

In this series, we’re taking a look at some of our wonderful parish groups.

We go behind the scenes, and find out what groups there are, who’s currently involved, and what goes on.

Our aim is to help you learn what different groups there are, how they importantly add to the fabric and community spirit of our Parish of St. Athanasius, and you may find out about some that are of interest to you personally, and you’d like to join.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need more information, or wish to connect with one of our groups.

Next up in this series: is our SSVP Group

Our own Parish SSVP group is a part of a much larger International Christian organisation.

You can learn more about it’s detail and history by CLICKING HERE

But why join our own local SSVP group?

By doing voluntary work in the community, you will be doing something positive to improve the quality of life of other people.  The group gives you an opportunity to put Christianity into action.

Current Members: Jim Smith (President), Jim Creaney (Treasurer), Eileen Logan (Secretary), Margaret Burke, Elizabeth Cook, Frank Devine, Margaret Gault, Alice Jenkins, Maureen Leslie, Jack Murphy, Wilma Ross, and Rosalyn Steele.