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Our Caritas Award Candidates 2020

Our Caritas Award candidates Sophie Gavin and Jacqueline Wheeler have been busy in the parish since November. As well as committing 20 hours to school faith activities both students have committed a further 20 hours to parish activities and ministries, participating in RCIA, reading at Mass, volunteering with the Girls’ Club, and they will join the diocesan school retreats team for the St. Athanasius’ Primary 5 Retreat on 18th February. Sophie and Jacqueline have enjoyed monthly Prayer and Pizza, which is a time of reflection on their spiritual journey through prayer, scripture, faith-sharing, music and video. Our sincere thanks to them for their generosity and commitment. Please keep them in your prayers as they submit their work at the end of February hoping to gain their Caritas Award in June

Caritas Prayer 

Loving Father, almighty God you so loved the world that you sent your son Jesus so that we might live through him. Help us to respond to your love. Grant us understanding of the loving ways of Jesus. Teach us to see others with his eyes and, through your Holy Spirit,  guide us in our efforts to show love in our daily actions. Living Lord, you are love. Help us, whom you made in your image, to practise love in loving communion with others. We make this prayer through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.