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Progress report re. Church Refurbishment!

Photo’s and comments from Liam Gault

Thus the work that has taken place so far

From Slide 1 you see the Nave with the pews and suspended ceiling tiles removed up to the most recent today which shows the old wooden floor removed and the old sub base being readied to receive a new insulated concrete foundation.

Floor tiles, sanctuary tiles, and the tiles for the rear wall of the sanctuary are all on order.

Next week should see work underway to complete the insulated concrete floor for the Nave and begin construction of the new Sanctuary floor. More photo’s to follow!

Additionally the new boiler and all associated pipework is now in place.  Much of the new electrical wiring for lights, sockets and audio is in place and the ceiling void of the nave has been insulated  (sorry no pictures to show any of this).

Warm thanks to Liam