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Seat Reservations and New Number

Earlier today, we were delighted to announce that our new online system for reserving your seat(s) at Mass has been launched.

The response has been fantastic, and many parishioners have already reserved their seats for various Masses.

You can CLICK HERE to go to the Reservations Page.

Click on the Mass that you’d like to reserve seat(s) for, and follow the instructions to choose the type of seat(s) you’d like and to provide your details.

You’ll be able to:

book a single seat for yourself

book a ‘couples block’ for 2 seats from the same household

or book a ‘family block’ for 3 or 4 seats from the same household


Once you’ve reserved your seat(s) that’s you!

There’s no need to print or bring any evidence of your reservation.

Our ushers will have all your details and will guide you to your seat(s).


If you have any issues reserving a seat, such as perhaps not having a computer or smart-phone to be able to do so, then you can get a family member or friend to use the Reservations Page and reserve a seat on your behalf.

Or you can call 07907 609182 and leave a message on the Church’s answer machine with your details (name, phone number, and the Mass you wish to attend).

If you haven’t seen it already, you can watch the video of Father Magill explaining the Health and Safety procedures that will be in place when you attend Mass by CLICKING HERE.