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Shop & Help Our Parish School

From this Friday you’ll be able to help our parish school – St Athanasius Primary School and Nursery – simply by doing your regular shopping.

Our school has qualified to enter into the town’s Tesco store’s “Bags Of Help” initiative.

Every time you happen to shop in Tesco, please ask for a token, which you can then drop into the box marked for our parish school.

From this Friday (1st March) and for the next 4 weeks until the last Friday of March (29th March) every token dropped into our school’s box will help its chances to win the funds that Tesco will then provide to the winner.

Our parish school intends to use the funds for our children’s Outdoor Learning initiatives, so it’s a great campaign to help with.

Shop as you normally would anyway
Make sure you get a token
And pop it into our parish school’s entry box