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A new COVID-19 Community Wellbeing Line for the people of South Lanarkshire

South Lanarkshire Community Planning Partnership

COVID-19 – Community Wellbeing Line

A new helpline is now available for individuals living in South Lanarkshire who are self-isolating/vulnerable and whose usual support network is no longer available.

The helpline will help people to access food and other essential supplies.  The Community Engagement Team within the council have been working  along with VASLAN to collate activity which is happening within communities, and to make contact with new groups and networks which are developing in response to the current situation.

Community volunteers are playing a key role in supporting the people around them.  This includes helping transport essential goods such as food to people who cannot leave their home, carrying out welfare checks where there was a concern expressed about the wellbeing of someone, and offering telephone befriending to those who are isolated.

The helpline number is 0303 123 1009 and the opening hours are as follows:-

Monday to Thursday 8.45 – 4.45

Friday 8.45 – 4.15

Saturday and Sunday 8.45 – 4.45

Please pass this information on to any people that you are working with and who are self-isolating/vulnerable and don’t have any other support networks available.  If you have any questions about the helpline please email communities@southalarkshire.gov.uk

We are seeking volunteers!

If you are interested and have some time to help our communities please email communities@southlanarkshire.gov.uk

Personnel Services

Email: Personnel@southlanarkshire.gov.uk

Council Website: www.southlanarkshire.gov.uk  

British Sign Language (BSL) users can contact us via www.contactscotland-bsl.org