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Why did you wash their feet? I don’t understand, it makes no sense.

Why did you do something so demeaning, so distasteful, when you did not have to? Why humble yourself and wash the feet of your own disciples?

Unless… unless we have got it wrong and that, somehow this is a measure of what Messiah means? Not that it is defined in greatness but that somehow, in your world the first will be last, and the greatest, least and servant of all?

But if we are to follow you, does it mean that we must follow your example too? Are you suggesting that we too should make ourselves humble? That we must wash the feet of the people whom we would rather ignore, or scapegoat, or deride?

Must we too become the servants of the least among us? the refugee, the disabled, the homeless, the addicted, the anti-social, the child?

Was that what all of this was about? To try and put us in our rightful place, not at the centre of our own world, but at the centre of yours, where we are no longer the most important person? Is that it? Were you trying to teach us this simple truth, that other people, all other people, should matter too?

Is that why you washed their feet?

A prayer of response

Messiah I come, Brought to my knees by astonishing grace. In the presence of such humility

From one so great
What can I do but kneel and praise?

Messiah I come, Challenged to bow to the King who kneels. I want to pour out mercy and bring tender healing,

But I am proud, judgmental, and self-absorbed
And you are the only one who can lead me to first-becoming-last greatness.

I would wash and serve, wash and love, Like you do.
But first Lord Jesus,
Wash my feet, cleanse my heart

Till I am – like you –
Humble and ready on my knees.