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The Parish Assembly

will take place this Monday, 23rd September, 7.30-9pm in the church oratory. This is our opportunity to review together our parish life and to offer suggestions and comments. Please try your best to come along to this important event. 

Sunday Takeaway:

Pope Francis writes: This is the season for letting our prayer be inspired anew by closeness to nature, which spontaneously leads us to give thanks to God the Creator. Saint Bona-venture, that eloquent witness to Franciscan wisdom, said that creation is the first “book” that God opens before our eyes, so that, marvelling at its order, its variety and its beauty, we can come to love and praise its Creator. In this book, every creature becomes for us “a word of God”. In the silence of prayer, we can hear the symphony of creation calling us to abandon our self-centredness in order to feel embraced by the tender love of the Father and to share with joy the gifts we have received. We can even say that creation, as a net-work of life, a place of encounter with the Lord and one another, is “God’s own ‘social network’”. Nature inspires us to raise a song of cosmic praise to the Creator in the words of Scripture: “Bless the Lord, all things that grow on the earth, sing praise to him and highly exalt him forever” (Daniel 3:76). Message for the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation 

To view this week’s Bulletin, please CLICK HERE!


we offer a warm welcome back to Fr Bill Harrison who will be leading our celebrations of Mass this weekend. Reassure him that he’s not come to the wrong church! 

Please pray for the eternal rest of..

Catherine Daly whose Requiem Mass takes place on Wednesday at 10am. May the Lord comfort and console her family at this time of sadness.